Spanish course

In the Spanish courses we will cover the grammar and improve listening comprehension, reading, vocabulary, writing, pronunciation and conversation.

We use diverse material like theory-exercises books, videos, audios, pictures, texts, news, among others.

The materials are tailor to the specific student’s needs.

The following are the 4  skills that we aim to improve during the classes:





We use the online Skype tool which allows students to participate in Spanish classes from anywhere and at anytime, whether it be from work, home or your holiday resort. We provide full flexibility to our students.

Every lesson lasts 55 minutes and after that several homework will be proposed for the next lesson. The student should send the homework completed by email to the teacher for correction. In the following class the teacher and student will discuss the exercises.

All students are continuously assessed on their progress.


Do you want to know your level of Spanish? In this link of Instituto Cervantes you can check it: Online Spanish test


Learn a language is not only talking but knowing how to communicate