About me

I am Carmen Martín, I come from Spain and  I am a certified Spanish teacher (ELE – Spanish as a Foreign Language). I’m an official DELE examiner (awarded by Institute Cervantes, Budapest) for levels A1 to C2.

I have been teaching on-line Spanish lessons for more than 8 years and more than 2500 hours.

I love my language and I transmit that passion to my students.

Being experienced in dealing with international students, such as Germans, Russians, Italians, Iranians…, I can successfully adjust the teaching methodology, taking into account different cultures and nationalities.

On top of the Spanish grammar, we use the communicative approach to introduce you to the Latin culture which will prepare you to deal with everyday situations that might occur if you interact with Hispanics or if you visit any Spanish speaking country.

Classes are fully delivered in Spanish, however English and German languages might be used to facilitate beginners.



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